Summer has arrived!!! (Well...almost)


We'd like to invite your child(ren) to Summer at The Wonder Years Academy.

We have many exciting events and trips planned for the summer of 2017, including weekly themes, such as “Western Week,” “Culinary Week” and “Outer Space Week.” We also have swim lessons, trips and activities based upon different themes.

For the third year in a row, we will be implementing our S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program into our summer plans. The children will be constructing, building and mixing all throughout the summer.

Our summer program is, essentially, divided into three major areas: trips, swimming and in-house events.
The trips, swimming and events* are scheduled over the course of 9 weeks, commencing on Monday, July 3rd and concluding with our end of summer carnival on Friday, September 1st.
*All events, trips and swimming are subject to change.

Although the children will have opportunities for trips and swimming, they will also be encouraged to develop a strong sense of imagination as we encounter the different themes over the summer.

Please call us or email us today to enroll your child. It will surely be a summer to remember!

In-house Events

• Home Depot Carpentry.(8/15) Children will paint their own
wooden craft with the help of the home depot carpenters

• Aquatic Show. (8/24) We bring the ocean to you! Children will see
live ocean life and learn about their characteristics and habitats

• Mr. Ray’s rock concert.(7/18) Children will engage in an
interactive rock concert presented by Mr. Ray

• Samantha the Dietician.(7/14) Children will engage in fun,
educational activities about healthy eating habits

• End of summer carnival.(8/30) Features a bounce house, carnival
games, a tattoo station and an ice cream from the ice cream truck


• Snyder’s Farm for blueberry picking (7/6)

• Duke’s Nature Trail for a scavenger hunt (8/8)

• Cici’s Pizza to create and enjoy our own pizzas (7/11)

• A picnic in the park.(8/22) Children will assist in making their own
lunch, packing their picnic basket, play on the playground
equipment and enjoy their lunch with their friends in the park

• Mini-golfing at Tee-riffic golf. (7/25)

Swimming Lessons

• 5 consecutive Thursday’s beginning 7/20 and ending 8/17

• Students will be in groups of 4 and receive one-on-one instruction
appropriate for their skill level. In addition to the instructors in the
pool, a life-guard will be on duty.

• Each student will receive a Minnow-level swim cap along with a BSS
cinch bag. The bag will contain a water-watcher identification card,
rack card and literature about water safety .At the end of the 5-
week swim camp, each student will be awarded with a BSS ribbon
labeled “I’m Brilliant, I Did My Very Best”.

**All dates and venues/vendors are subject to change.**

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